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Fail Safe Technologies is a privately owned U.S. Small Business located in NY State; offering virtual, redundant, interoperable, resilient, scalable, and easy to use technological services to public safety, municipalities, civil defense, emergency managers, educational institutes (public/private), healthcare, traffic/transportation, energy/utility and other critical infrastructure stakeholders, across the United States.

We work directly with our clients to determine their precise needs. Fail Safe Technologies strives to provide high quality services and exceptional after service and support.

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Fail Safe Technologies LLC is an approved vendor for New York State and is able to provide services to those organizations wishing to purchase under NY State contracts.
New York State Vendor ID: #1100225519

Fail Safe Tech is registered with the System for Award Management

location_city Small to Medium Businesses / Small Office & Home Office (SOHO)

Your business is one of the largest investments you may make, and ensuring your business has the right digital capabilities to tackle tasks, in a ever evolving technologically integrated world, is essential for business continuity and long term sustainability.

Hiring Fail Safe Tech to provide quality computer services, networking, cybersecurity solutions, consultation and more, for your business needs, not only adds value, but keeps you ahead of the competition, so you can focus on your business. Rest assured and Don't Panic! Let Fail Safe Tech Solve It!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Learn more about how Fail Safe Tech is growing, our available services and expanding solutions, below!

Emergency support tools and capabilities are crucial to incident response, disaster preparedness and continuity of operations. Explore our suite of public safety solutions and lets see what we can do together.

Emergency response and disaster preparedness is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round enterprise. We equip your agency with the tools, capabilities and expertise to effectively build, sustain, and improve the capability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from threatened or actual disasters caused by natural, technological and human-caused hazards.
We enhance local emergency response capabilities with technology based emergency tools, and resources that ultimately promote the continuity of both emergency and routine operations, enabling you to reduce costs, rapidly identify problem areas and leverage real time situational awareness and other valuable incident driven data, delivering vital insight into your communities' resiliciency and measure overall preparedness.
Savvy public safety entities and professionals, alike, choose Fail Safe Technologies LLC to augment capabilities, automate business-as-usual tasks & processes, and incorporate proactive measures to achieve success, while enhancing overall readiness posture for the "what-if" scenario.
RavenGIS™ - Digital Geospatial Situational Awareness Damage Assessment Collection & Decision Support Tools
RavenGIS™ is your communities' digital damage assessment and decision support toolbox, where augmented reality meets situational awareness. Fail Safe Tech provides digital geospatial situational awareness solutions leveraging accessible digital reporting channels to streamline the response and recovery phases associated with public safety activities via the RavenGIS™ platform.
Quickly and dynamically deploy an easy to use, mobile friendly, always ready digital resource to add to your emergency response arsenal in a matter of minutes.
Elevate community awareness; rapidly identify problem areas for electric and telecommunication providers for improved response and restoration times; your local 511 on road hazards, closures and incidents — the possibilities with RavenGIS™ are endless!
Maintain Accurate Records to Maximize Cost Recovery Potential for Public Assistance
Decision Support • Efficient Stabilization of Critical Infrastructure
Streamline Time Sensitive Data Collection Tasks • Customer Engagement for Whole Community Collaboration
Learn more about RavenGIS™
Field Emergency Operations Center™ (FieldEOC™) - Mission-Critical Computer-Based Emergency Support Tools
Fully equipped, mission-critical, computer-based emergency support tools, with a-la-carte add-ons
Designed for ease of use during crisis, prepared to overcome failure
Improved On-Scene & Inter-Agency Communications
Dependable, Accurate & Timely Intelligence
Confident Resource Management
Consolidated • Collaborative • Interoperable • Intuitive Operations
Learn more about FieldEOC™
Platform Agnostic Communication Solution
Mission Critical Notification and Alerting Channels
Daily and Critical Crisis Communications Needs
Highly Customizable and Fully Scalable
Contact us to learn more about NUDGN
Ask us about NUDGN Community Status Boards and how you can become a beta tester

Government Web Solutions

Web Services Informed constituents are often better prepared and engagement is critical to promoting resiliency within a community. With scarce resources and increasing expectations from citizens, we are your experts in local government with our custom built, user-friendly, content management system, leveraging data and social media to streamline the web experience.

With Fail Safe Tech's Director Platform Content Management System, your agency can deliver high confidence information, in a timely fashion, from a trusted local source, under your control, while providing a go-to online resource that encompasses inclusivity of all members of the community, even individuals who may otherwise be excluded or marginalized such as individuals with disabilities or other minority groups.

Contact us and let's explore how we can transform your presence on the information superhighway.
Accessibility & Availability
Section 508 Compliant
ADA Compliant
W3C WCAG Compliant
Standards Compliant
Reliable Public Safety Websites
Content Management • Function Specific Applications
Custom Mobile-First & Friendly Design
Access Controls • Roles
Unlimited Dynamic Pages
Multimedia • Self-Service • Interactive Resources
U.S. Local Gov't Service Level Agreement
Security • Backups • Web Analytics
Consultancy & Support
Regulatory & Compliance
Hosting • Database Essentials • Cloud & Server Resources
Introductory Social Media & SEO Services
Perks and A-la-carte add on's
RavenGIS™ Essential Plan Included
Numerous One-Click Install Turnkey Packages
API Intergration
Public Safety Focused Web Solutions
Exclusive access to our public safety beta programs
API Intergration
Weather Forecasting & Radar • CAP Feeds
Local Utility Outage Maps
Social News Walls • Status Boards
Ask us about our newest RavenEOC™ Dashboard Console solution and how you can become a beta tester

Community Programs

Community Programs Community partnerships, engagement and outreach are one of the many facets of the Fail Safe Tech mission.

We believe all members of the community deserve an opportunity to participate in something that is fulfilling and meaningful while developing and strengthening bonds with others of similar interests to promote lasting relationships and support groups.
Computers and the Internet touch our daily lives in multiple ways. From real time communications to entertainment, transportation infrastructures including navigation systems to financial systems that include online shopping & credit cards; even water, medical services, waste, manufacturing and emergency services are just a few of an endless list that technology plays a daily, yet critical role in our society.

Whether you are looking to supplement your existing knowledge & skills or want to learn something completely new, we are well positioned to support your professional and personal development goals.

Contact us and let's learn something new.
Local Veterans Engagement
Post-service intro tech workshops & professional development for employment opportunities
We hire and/or facilitate the placement of our veterans in technology/computer based positions for opportunities & roles within our professional network of partners, associates & affiliates.
Senior Community Engagement
For Tech-Savvy Seniors
Staying Safe Online
Computer, Internet & Email Essentials
Learn how to integrate tech to: Order Medications • Schedule Doctors Appointments • Other Daily Life Activities
Workforce Development Solutions
Internship Opportunities
Summer Youth Programs
Technical Skills & Knowledge
Mentoring Programs
STEM Mentoring Opportunities
One-on-one's • Groups
Custom curated sessions to skill level
Request Fail Safe Tech For Events
From the basics to specialized topics
Demos, interactive sessions, workshops
Community Assistance Response Team Support™ (CARTS™) - Technology Augmented Community Mental Health Response & Decision Support Tools
Realizing that mental health incidents are an expanding nationwide crisis, agencies often find navigating through unique and evolving mental health scenarios an increasing challenge.
Fail Safe Tech works with public safety and community agencies to introduce, develop & augment existing capabilities surrounding mental health incident response and support efforts, by equipping agencies with the resources, tools and expertise necessary to effectively prepare for, respond to and learn from complex and expanding mental health incidents.
Devise Informed Approaches - Enabling responders to adapt to any scenario
Elevated Situational Awareness - Leveraging realtime interoperable data concerning available community resources
Allieviate Interagency Coordination Frustrations - Through custom developed policies & interopable communication processes adopting industry best practices
Contact us and let's streamline your agencies' unique community mental health response needs together

Additional Services & Solutions

Additional Services & Solutions Fail Safe Tech is your full service computer & technology consulting provider. We eliminate the frustration of most computer issues and provide you with professional, timely and honest services.

Below is a small list of the services we provide. Not seeing what you are looking for? Ask us and let's see what we can do together.

Contact us today and let's discuss your needs.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Full Backups • Automated Backups • Offline Backups • Basic Recovery Services
Data Protection • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service
Learn more about our Backup & Disaster Recovery offerings
Hardware Services
Internal & External Hardware Services
We Do Not Repair Hardware!
Learn more about our Hardware Service offerings
Software Services
Essential & Advanced Software Services
Routine Optimization & Efficiency Services
Learn more about our Software Service offerings
Essential & Advanced Cybersecurity Services
Vulnerability Management • Penetration Testing
Ask us about Fail Safe Tech Firewall
Learn more about our Cybersecurity Service offerings
Consultation & Advisory Services
Analysis & Recommendations • Elevated Value & Operations
Strategies • Architecture • Infrastructure • Design • Engineering
Technology Plans • Policies & Procedures
Contact us today and let's discuss your technology consulting and advisory needs