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FirstNet Solutions

The time has arrived, and FirstNet has become a reality with AT&T being awarded a 25 year contract to build, support and maintain a dedicated nationwide public safety broadband network; one network that can meet the requirements of the public safety community from coast to coast and border to border. For info: "FirstNet was created to be a force-multiplier for first responders - to give public safety 21st century communication tools to help save lives, solve crimes and keep our communities and emergency responders safe. To do that, FirstNet will build a new Band Class 14 network designed to be reliable, functional, safe and secure, and provide optimal levels of operational capability at all times. For the first time, public safety communications will be based on commercial standards. This will bring the benefits of lower costs, consumer-driven economies of scale and rapid evolution of advanced communication capabilities." -

Choose Fail Safe for your FirstNet mission critical integration needs

Below are some of the basics we cover...Call us to learn more about our FirstNet Solutions:

  • Interoperability - Assess integration of existing equipment
  • Scalability for situations (state, local, tribal, territory, or federal)
  • Cybersecurity - Take advantage of dedicated network solely for public safety
  • Communications and resource sharing - to assure that strategic orders, resources and information regarding situational awareness can flow freely