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Software Services

Software is everywhere on your computer, mobile devices, and nearly all digital devices you interact with on a daily basis; you use software all the time. We help you install software you need and clean up unecessary software you don't need to help optimize your computer. Security Essentials are software that helps protect your computer from harm. We can analyze your computer and help you explore different solutions in regards to keeping your computer safe.

Essential Software Services
Install new programs from office productivity, browser/email clients, specialty softwares and more.
We help with ensuring programs and software are up to date with the latest security patches.
Removing software, uninstall programs that are not used or wanted as well as removing software that may not be needed.
We even assist with limited troubleshooting of software
Routine Computer Systems Optimization Services
Fail Safe Tech performs a variety of enhancements and tweaks to help and assist in the accelerated performance and health of a computer.
Checking for malware protection, ensuring it is up to date and protecting your system. Conducting a thorough scan of your system will make sure that there are not any malicious threats, that could harm your computer.
Assessing your computer for useless junk, caches and temporary files. Deep cleaning with system cleaner to remove old temporary files, old internet files and cache, and other unneeded files that are taking up extra space on your hard drive.
Analyze your hard drive for potential issues and take corrective actions to help speed up the computer's overall performance.
Maximizing the speed of your PC while increasing system stability. Not only do we do that, but we get rid of annoying programs that you have always had but never wanted.