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Hardware Services

With the continual advancement of new technology showing up every few months, most computers have a tendency to become outdated within a year or two. Installing new hardware or removing old hardware, helps increase optimal performance as well as helping you do what needs to get done.

Have specific requirements and looking for a custom computer? Contact us and we'll work with you to build your custom rig.

We do not repair hardware!

Internal Hardware (Installation / Upgrade / Removal)
Memory Upgrades • CMOS Battery Replacement • Power Supply
Expansion Cards: TV Tuners, Input Ports, Graphics Cards, and more
Media Expansion: Blu Ray, DVD, CD, ZIP, Floppy, SD/microSD, Hard Drives, SSD, M2
External Hardware (Installation / Upgrade / Removal)
Monitors • Mouse • Keyboard • Joysticks
Web Cam • Microphone • Headset • Speakers
External media drives
Printers • Scanners • Labelers