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Data Backups and Recovery Services
Want to keep your files safe, protected, and in a safe place? If you have never backed up data they could be lost due to theft, virus infection, accidental deletion, fire, or a flood. Using a backup program we can create copies and backups of your data, documents, pictures, and etc. of which will be compressed and saved into a ".zip" archive or any other compressed archive. Copies and backups of your hard work can be saved to either a CD, DVD, hard drive, flash drive, and in the cloud. Offline storage helps keep your data safe from potential hard drive crashes and malicious threats.
Full Backups • Automated Backups • Basic Data Recovery (contact us for specifics)
Data Protection & Disaster Recovery as a Service
Protect your data and be able to recover it quickly. Fail Safe Tech has partnered with Storage Guardian to provide affordable, feature-rich, online data backup and fast data recovery services that's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Pay Only for Total Data Protected
Fast Failover • Remote Backups • Offsite Storage
Seamless Integration • Automated Orchestration
Security and Compliance
Hardened Data Centers with multiple power failover and redundancies
Redundant Gigabit Connections
Continental United States (CONUS) & Outside Continential United States (OCONUS) options
Reliable, high performance, fault tolerant networks backed by Cisco equipment
Alarmed • 24x7 Surveillance • Physical Access Controls
HIPAA • SSAE 16 Type II • FIPS •CICA 5790 • Comodo SSL
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